One thing Nashville surely doesn't lack is a healthy supply of beautiful, non- Nashville women. Elisha being one of them! Elisha and I met through my husband, Robert and her beau Rob a number of weeks ago at a show. Upon learning we both loved cooking, we decided we would definitely have to cook up a storm together! As I mentioned earlier, this lovely lady is not from here. In fact, she hails from our neighbor up North, Canada. To be specific, the beaches of Toronto. She isn't phased by these cold Tennessee winds and her Canadian blood may have something to do with it! Elisha has been known to swim in icy waters and her ongoing studies in marine biology are a testament to her love of the sea....beauty and brains! 
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Carthage Pure Matte Lipstick by NARS
Vintage Floral Wrap Dress
Thrifted Nude Pumps

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