We recently moved our bed and in doing so we had to get creative with the nightstand situation. Once the bed was moved, there was no longer any room for our bedside tables so I decided to try out something I had been wanting to try for some time now...infinity bookshelves. However, instead of just being a bookshelf, I wanted it to be sturdy enough to hold say a glass of water, iPhone etc. I thrifted these old reader's digest books and by thrifted I mean pulled them out of the trash behind a bookstore! They have beautiful brocade jackets and instantly knew how I would repurpose them. 
Supplies for one shelf: 
  • Several Pretty Books
  • 2 (4-6 inch) Corner Braces (L-shape) 
  • 6 Screws

  1. Screw a brace, right side up, where you would like your shelf to be 
  2. Screw the second brace, right side up,  several inches away from the first 
  3. Stack enough books to cover the metal braces! 

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