I spent all day cleaning so that I could post just a few glimpses of our new home here in Nashville. The house is basically a 4/2 two-story brick cottage built in 1940. Hardwood floors, tall ceilings, glass door knobs with working skeleton keys and my favorite part....a big basement with stone walls! We turned the basement in to a guest area/movie projector room complete with pallet days beds and netflix! The following photos are of some of my favorite things...

religious decor catholic
Religious Propaganda.

record collection
Our Collection.

dog and antique piano
Piano Pup.

vintage floral curtains
V+V Curtains.

gold frames
V+V Office.

Working Fireplace.

vintage chandelier porch lighting
Porch Lighting.

Dining Table Lighting.

Hall Lighting.

Basement Lighting.


vintage board games
Board Game Overflow.
From Stewart Pl.
From Wedgewood.

Skinny Side Door.
Le Kitchen.

The Mantle. 

welcome horseshoe outdoor
From Texas.
vintage american flag
Thrift Store Flag.