Introductions are in order...

After a (not so) brief hiatus from my former blog (the skin horse), I have returned! Robert and I have officially settled and dug our heels in here in Nashville and I am ready to show everyone all of it. Here on the new site I will be keeping it simple, consistent and feature new content that I did not have the opportunity previously. Of course...I will be throwing in a recipe or two here and there since they had become quite popular! The new categories will be as follows:

LISTEN: shows, music, events, anything that can be heard

LIVE: beautiful nashville homes and/or the beautiful people that live in them

LOOK: clothes...any and all looks whether it be a sweet dress I decided to wear or a bold creation of an outfit some else did

TASTE: food! recipes, restaurants etc

H/S/K&T: will profile a single person, artist, musician, friend. they will choose articles of clothing/accessories that they would like to adorn their head+shoulders+knees&toes with ) 

OUT/ABOUT: random doings

DIY: exactly as you know it...trying new things, testing others tutorials, crafting+design projects

The next seven posts will be one blog/day from each category then it shall be a free for all. 
Well, can't wait to get started...beginning with what friends and family have been asking about...our new Ellis Nashville Digs...

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