While in Houston, I took the opportunity to snap some shots of the neighborhood in which my mama lives. It is one of the oldest in the city and it's absolutely beautiful. It sits just outside of downtown and directly next to the historic Glenwood Cemetery…Howard Hughes is buried there. The neighborhood is relatively small and the historic society maintains the integrity of the architecture within the community. The homes speak for themselves…



Another Houston BFF that has ventured across country…this one to New York to study design at Parsons! It feels like years since both of us were getting dressed up every Wednesday to go to Mango's/Fitz. Then again it has been just about that long! Her picks are super cute, especially for the coming summer months. That is if those months would ever come. Another cold rainy day here in Nashville. From what I hear, it's not much better in NY. If you think Taylor has great taste…you should see her big city apartment. Adorbs ) 



Sometimes while living in Nashville you have brief encounters with people you know you could become great friends with…but they're gone just as soon as you've met them. This here lady is one of those people. We met at the Dwight Yoakum show here at the "Mother Church of Country" aka the Ryman. Her beau plays keys for Dwight. She is a native Houstonian who packed up and left our fare state for sunny California…maybe one day we will both return to the familiar streets of Montrose but for now we're both pursuing adventure. Rachel works in the music biz, as many I meet here do, at Silver Side Productions. The first thing that struck me was her amazingly natural red hair followed by her beauty and then by her apparent sense of style. These photos were taken in her LA neighborhood, Silverlake. It looks so sunny and alive….it is freezing and storming outside here in Nashville as I write this…
PS Rachel is a girl after my own heart with that Texas ring! 

Sephora Black Liquid Eyeliner
Jordana 'Honey Luau" Lipstick
Mother's Vintage Necklace
Vintage Cable Bracelet
Crop Top by Free People
Fringe Concert Purse by Copperpeace
Texas Ring by Jen Cervelli
Black Blazer by Zara
Fanny Pack by Copperpeace
Vintage White High Waisted Pants
Urban Outfitters Ecote Sandals
'Russian Roulette' Nail Polish by Essie



Robert's lovely friend, Elizabeth Cook, put us on the list for The Grand Ole Opry last night and it was absolutely wonderful! The cast from the show Nashville was in attendance since they were taping for the show…my boss man Jim Lauderdale performed his own stuff and then played banjo for 'Claire Bowen' so make sure you catch him on the show! We spent most of our time wandering around backstage through all of the wonderfully decorated dressing rooms of past Opry stars. Our personal favorite was Porter Wagoner's…so many shiny things! Of course we caught many great performances and only in Nashville would Robert find himself playing a 10k guitar in Vince Gill's dressing room and have Charley Pride stop and begin dancing to Robert's music…needless to say we're pretty happy here.



Apologies all! Things have been crazy busy and I honestly haven't had the time to make a new W+W post ( I began working for Jim Lauderdale and Imogene + Willie so I have been good busy! I promise to have a sweet post for next week! 




These little guys are perfect for snacking, finger foods at a party or the main course to a fabulous tex mex dinner! They take no time at all and are a healthy alternative to their crispy counterpart. I love 'turn key' style dinners. Something you can prepare easily, throw in the oven and et voila...dinner is ready. I am a big fan of being creative with recipes. I never follow any to the tee. This is the perfect example of a food you should experiment with! I love the simple black bean and sauteed onion combo but looking for something more interesting? Sautee your favorite veggies and throw them on in or...you may stay tried and true...to the classic cheese quesadilla. 
  • 1 (12oz) Can Black Beans 
  • 8oz Shredded Cheese
  • Corn or Flour Tortillas*
  • 1/2 Chopped Onion
  • 1 TSP Olive Oil 
  • Cooking Spray 
  • Salt to taste



I truly believe it's the little things that make all the difference. This is a perfect example...this flag hangs above our couch in the living room. It is the largest wall hanging in the room and being centered above the couch, it is somewhat a focal point in the room. Robert and I were never really content with the way it looked and decided it needed a change. That is when I recalled the bag of clothespins I had down in the basement and Robert said he had a spool of wire! Combining these two things to re hang the flag made it much more pleasing to the eye. Moral of the story: Sometimes it just takes a little tweaking. Don't go nuts if you don't have to.