I firmly believe in never showing up to any type of celebration, party or gathering without a gift. A girlfriend from high school moved to Nashville only a couple of months before we made the move and it was exciting to be able to reconnect with someone I loved so much back in the day. Her birthday was recently and with little time to prepare, I made these little gems for her and her husband. I followed these recipes for vegan white cake and vegan white cake icing. I had everything on hand sans the lemon juice which I subbed apple cider vinegar for. I began by making cupcakes out of the white cake recipe and while those were baking prepared the icing. Follow the jump to find out how I made them look so adorbs! 

  1. After allowing the cupcakes to cool, I sliced off the tops and grabbed some mason jars I had on hand
  2. Squish a cupcake bottom in to the jar first
  3. Follow by pouring a generous layer of icing and topping with any sprinkles you may have***
  4. Then squish the muffin top in followed by another generous layer of icing and sprinkles
  5. Repeat these steps until you're either out of room or muffins and eat with a spoon! 
***Don't have sprinkles? Add food coloring to your icing or just leave white for a cleaner look! 

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