Every third War+W, I am going to do the post! It will allow me to get more creative with my wardrobe especially since I am going to start participating in the Coast To Coast Challenge. I totally would have never come up with this outfit if it weren't for their nautical theme...and a quite a bit of help from Lily. After yesterday, I wish I could just make her be my personal stylist/photographer! We decided to go the unconventional nautical route using ocean hues, coral and wave style hair instead of the classic striped nautical look. This outfit made me want to go sailing and spend my days drinking pina coladas at the yacht club...I am totally going to do this one day...in this outfit. 
 From top to bottom
White & Gold Vintage Inspired Sunglasses
Dragon Girl Velvet Matte Lip Pencil by NARS
Vintage Thick Gold Rope Necklace
Coral Crossbody Bag by Deux Lux
Gold Chain Bracelets by Ralph Lauren
Vintage Gold Emerald Ring
Vintage Neck Scarf
Aqua Blue Blouse by Theory
Vintage Navy & Gold Waist Belt
Vintage Thrifted Blue Maxi Skirt
Nude Decollete Jazz Red Sole Pump by Christian Louboutin


  1. i love everything about this post! You are one hot lil number!