One of the first, and most interesting, people I met upon arriving here in Nashville was this here man, Gill Landry. Gill is a multi instrumentalist and vocalist who performs as a solo artist, as well with Old Crow Medicine Show. I had never been to his Belmont home when I asked him if I may have the privilege of snapping a few shots but I had always had a feeling it would be amazing...luckily, it was! Upon entering the foyer I was immediately taken back to the last Houston home I lived in alone. This is the one that is included on Robert's Cemetery Song. Gill greeted us and the first thing I was drawn to was the working Victrola Credenza. He cranked it a few times and away it went churning out beautiful old timey tunes. It was time to begin.
Gill seated at his favorite place in the house with his Olympia SM-3,
A few things about Gill.
Where were you born and in what era?
I was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana in the late 20th century.
Where is your favorite place in the world you have already visited and why is it your favorite? 
My favorite place on earth… hmm… probably western Oregon. I love the coast, the rivers, the mountains, the farms and the people...human stuff.
Where have you always wanted to go and why?
A place I've always wanted to go is Tasmania to fly fish it's rivers.
My favorite things in the world would be people but I hope I'm not buried with them. Five things I would want to be buried with so that if I'm ever dug up it would be worth the persons while would be a bottle of Talisker whiskey, an Olympia typewriter (mine if possible), a 1933 National Trojan and two 1881 Liberty Head gold coins over my eyes.


  1. I only met him once and exchanged few words, but that house is exactly right. Candy candy everywhere!